You Better Watch Out


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You better watch better not cry...

Claire King lived for the spirit of the holidays. A hopeless romantic, every year she wished to finally find her one true love and begin the whirlwind romance of her dreams. Between endless volunteer hours at the animal shelter in her small town, and her regular job as a sales manager in a department store, opportunities to fulfill her dream were slim. Until one Christmas season when one man changed everything.

You better not pout...I'm telling you why...

Tucker Hayes was unofficially the world’s biggest Grinch. The holidays had never been a pleasant time for him, filled with a lifetime of broken promises and painful memories. Widowed just a few years into his marriage, love and romance were no longer at the forefront of his mind. Until his construction company was awarded a renovation project at the local mall over the Christmas season, and one woman changed everything.

Santa Claus is coming to town...

An impossible pair thrown together. An expected love sparked by the magic of the holidays. And in the middle of it all, an unknown threat lurking at every corner. A dark figure who wanted to claim Claire for himself; extinguishing any chance at happiness she might have. Will Claire and Tucker’s fragile new love be enough to protect her from harm?

'Tis the season to be jolly. Or is it the season to lose everything?

Warning: This is a dark romance novel not suited for readers under the age of eighteen due to graphic violence and situations.