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“COVID-19 has been declared a worldwide pandemic…”

A sentence that forever changed lives. Especially the life of Atticus Ellison, Mayor of Glen Abbott, a small town in southwestern Canada. Being appointed the position at such a young age had brought its own set of challenges, but nothing like he’d faced in the weeks following the deadly outbreak of the virus.

The weight of the world was on his shoulders, the fate of lives literally in his hands. Quitting seemed like the most attractive choice possible. But when crime in his city started to rise alarmingly, leaving his position became impossible. The rare bright spot was the cute barista he saw daily, his fantasies about her becoming more and more frequent.

Coffee. Delicious, addictive caffeine.

It used to be liquid gold to Shea Langley, but since the pandemic began, her job at Just a Scoop of Sugar wasn’t as fulfilling as it used to be. A single mother to her five-year-old daughter, quitting wasn’t an option. The one shining moment was when Atticus Ellison, the city’s mayor, came in for his morning cup. Always cautious with his mask and distance, and too damn handsome for his own good. If only she had the courage to her true self to him.

An unprecedented pandemic. A growing criminal threat. In the midst of chaos, new love was born. Even in the most challenging of times, not everything is as it seems.

Warning: This is a dark romance novel not suited for readers under the age of eighteen due to graphic violence and situations.